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Monday, November 12, 2012

La Mujer De Vendaval - Synopsis, Cast and Trailer

La Mujer De Vendaval premiers tonight, 6:15pm, Canal De Las Estrellas.
Here is the official synopsis, cast list and trailer!

Marcela Morales is about to get the inheritance her mother left her. As a condition to receive it, her mother established she should be married. Such legacy is Marcela´s last hope for saving the ranch which is mortgaged. For this matter, she puts an ad in the paper looking for a husband to be. Alessandro Castelo, one of the applicants, is rich, and the vice-president and heir to the important hotel chain, Toscana.
Hiding behind masks, Marcela and Alessandro meet at the beach. On the night of their encounter, a valuable family´s necklace disappears from Alessandro´s home, making Marcela the main suspect of such robbery.
In order to recover the necklace, Alessandro shows up at the ranch as Marcela´s husband to be. Nevertheless, the intense passion he feels for her and getting to know her, change his original goal making him want to prove her innocence and win her love for real. For that purpose, he will have to overcome a series of obstacles that prevent their love from coming true.
Nearly all the characters in this story are in the list of opponents to this love. Heading the list are Alessandro´s parents who blame Marcela for the necklace robbery. There is also the actual thief, Nisa, who wants to make Marcela look guilty in order to cover up for her mischief; Camilo, who in fact wants to seduce Marcela because he thinks she received an inheritance; Cristian, Alessandro´s friend, who doesn´t believe in her innocence; Octavia, who hates the Castelos and is looking forward to hurt them by retaining “El Vendaval” in order to exploit its hot springs for tourism purposes; Don Timoteo, Octavia´s ally, a cheating and ambitious man who is just looking for his own benefit; and María Laura, who opposes to see their love come true because she desires Alessandro´s love for herself.
Few of them escape to this sort of “collective conspiracy”, like Alba, Marcela´s cousin and number one ally, who will also have a love story of her own. Sagrario and Mateo who will also be the protagonist´s allies and should face Severo´s unexpected come back; he happens to be Sagrario´s husband whom they believed dead and will come back after stealing Marcela´s inheritance.
The Lady from Vendaval is a story that combines love and humor; where some of the characters seduce because they are fool and others because they are clever. Some want to hurt and only get to make a fool of them. It is a mixture between the purest traditional melodrama and a fresh and irreverent comedy, headed by a mainly young cast of characters who are passionate and refreshing as well; it will definitely be enjoyable for all audiences.
Cast: Ariadne Díaz, José Ron, Chantal Andere, Javier Jattin, Florencia de Saracho, Magda Karina, Odiseo Bichir, Marco Muñoz, Thelma Madrigal, Alfredo Adame, María Marcela, Jauma Mateu, Patricio Borguetti, Manuel “Flaco” Ibáñez, Lourdes Reyes, Agustín Arana

Source: Televisa

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