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Friday, November 9, 2012

Stephanie Cayo and Ernesto Calzadilla star in La Hipocondriaca

Canal Caracol and Sony Pictures co produce La Hipocondriaca staring Stephanie Cayo and Ernesto Calzadilla and it will premier in 2013.
"La Hipocondriaca" follows the story of Macarena (Cayo), a beautiful, young, sensitive hypochondriac and the very business-like, handsome and successful doctor Alejandro (Calzadilla) who mistakenly diagnoses her with a terminal illness and has six months to live.
Laced with humor, the series follows the life of our protagonist along with a strong cast of characters as she lives through both a mistaken fatal diagnosis and the subsequent revelation that she is perfectly fine, taking her to unexpected twists and turns. Ultimately, she resolves to fake her own death...and then has to deal with life!
"La Hipocondriaca" is written by Ana Maria Parra Vasquez ("Marido y Mujer," "Las Noches De Luciana").


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