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Friday, October 26, 2012

La Mujer De Vendaval - Promo 5

Take a look at the new promo from La Mujer De Vendaval staring Adriande Diaz and Jose Ron.
Premier date, November 12, 6:15pm, Canal De La Estrellas.

1 comment:

  1. Its ironic that this is called La Mujer de Vendaval. This was supposed to be the original title of the Venevision 2009 telenovela (which this will be based on) before they changed it to Un Esposo Para Estela.

    I am still suprised that Venevision actually gave Televisa the rights to thier novela Un Esposo Para Estela. Over the past years, Televisa has been known only for remakes without any original stories. Considering that Televisa is one of their competitors in terms of telenovela exportation, it is strange that they gave them the rights.

    I really wonder what happened to Venevision and Venezuelan telenovelas in general. In the 90s, Venezuela was the biggest exporter of novelas (even surpassing Mexico). But today, you never hear anything about Venezuelan or Venevision novelas.

    I wonder which one will be the better version: Un Esposo or LMdVendaval?