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Friday, October 26, 2012

Rumour: Veronica Castro and Silvia Navarro to sign with TvAzteca?

The last couple of day a lot of sites and blogs are writing about the possible return of Silvia Navarro to Tv Azteca and if that's not enough rumours say that Elisa Salinas, other then Navarro has set out to sign the Queen of Telenovela, Veronica Castro, for the same project.

The other day on Veteneando live on the phone was Veronica Castro where the hosts wished her for her birthday and its then that Castro said that she has spoke with Elisa Salinas about working together in the future.
Also Saratini, head of AztecaNovelas  has also commented that now that Silvia's contract with Televisa has finished he has no problem for her to return to the channel that made her a star.

Could all of these rumours be true? Could these two excellent actresses work together in the Mexican remake of Avenida Brazil?
Only time will show...

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