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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Quien Eres Tu? Official Synopsis.

Quien Eres Tu? is produced by RTI Productions and Televisa, scheduled to air on Telefutura in 2013, staring Laura Carmine and Julian Gil.
Read the official synopsis:
One night 14 years ago, the relatively quiet and serene lives of Natalia and Veronica Garrido turned 180 degrees. The night their stepfather got drunker than usual ended in a tragedy of chaotic proportions and the lives the sisters once knew had been destroyed forever. Since that night, the sisters went their separate ways and have not been seen since. 14 years later, they meet again. They talk about what their lives have been like since the night they parted. Neither of them have had an easy life, but Veronica’s has shifted drastically since she married Felipe threes years earlier, son of Antonio Esquivel, owner of one of the largest hotel chains in America. In her three years of marriage, Veronica was happy, but not completely because a secret overwhelms her. She tells her sister that eight years ago, before she met Felipe, she had a relationship that lasted only two years, but which a child was born who she has not seen since he was 11 months old. Since then, Veronica had unsuccessfully sought the whereabouts of her small child, and finally managed to locate him two months ago in Panama City. Veronica has to travel to Panama two days later and plan to get things organized for her child, but ... her husband Felipe cannot find out. Natalia does not understand what she can do for her sister, and Veronica explains that she can help by replacing her; impersonating her during that week, and taking her place in her home. Of course, things are not easy for Natalia. Although she had been perfectly trained by Veronica, Natalia is not sure how to behave and is constantly confronted with situations that fill her with anguish and anxiety. But to Natalia's surprise, things are not as they seem. She soon learns that Veronica is an ambitious woman, selfish, possessive and once she gets what she wants, she does not care if people discover her true essence.

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