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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Las Bandidas - Official Synopsis

RTI Productions and Televisa co-produce there second telelenovela, La Bandida, remake of Nina Amada Mia. It stars Ana Lucia Dominguez and Marco Mendez.
Read the official synopsis!

Fabiola, Corina and Amparo Montoya are the "Amazonas", daughters of Don Olegario Montoya, owner of "Las Tolvarenas" a beautiful Mexican hacienda in the province. The story revolves around the loves of Fabiola, Corina and Amparo, and a longstanding family rivalry between Rodrigo Orazábal and Olegario Montoya. Beautiful and with a strong personality, Fabiola is the eldest daughter of Olegario Montoya, who has delegated her with the administration of the property "Las Tolvaneras". Engaged in the custom, life tasks and finance of the hacienda, she is a spirited woman, defined by three essential features: her independent nature, her visceral rejection towards injustice and her excessive love towards her family, especially for her father, whom she deeply respects and admires. She is capable of any sacrifice, without suspecting that her father hides secrets that in the future will decisively affect the life and feelings of Fabiola. At 28, she maintains a courtship with Sergio Navarro, with whom she has even discussed marriage, but who does not awaken the passion in her like Alonso Cáceres will once he enters her life. However, despite the intensity of her love for Alonso, with the arrival of his first wife, and the boundaries set by Malena (her stepmother) to try to get between her and Alonso, jealousy will make a dent in the heart of our heroine, risking her happiness and the future of the relationship.

Source: RTI

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