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Thursday, December 13, 2012

INTERVIEW: Roberto Vander - "In Pasion Prohibida there is a lot of chemistry between us. We have fun!"

Novela Channel is very proud to present its first interview. We are honored that Mr Roberto Vander took some time from filming Pasion Prohibida to answer some of our questions.
He talks to us about telenovelas, Pasion prohibida and his co-stars.

Mr Vander you are an experienced actor, How do you see the change in novelas over the time? Are they now more realist then in the past?
It is not that they are more realistic, technology has advanced through the years, and allows to tell the story in a different way but the drama is always the same.

 You are an actor that has worked with different TVnetworks, how important is for an actor to have a freedom of choice?
Its very important to have a freedom of choice, it allows you to have more options in different markets.

(With Mercedes Molto and Monica Spers)

 You currently have a lead role in Telemundos new telenovela Pasion Prohibida. What can you tells about the story and your character?
Its a wonderful love story. Ariel Piamonte, who I play is a powerful man, but yet very humble, widow with 2 children and finds love again in Bianca.
After he marries her, a lot of things start to happen in the family, which of course I can not reveal now.

 How is it working with Rebecca Jones and the young leads Jencarlos Canela and Monica Spears?
It’s great to work with Rebeca again after so many years, we worked together in Cuna de Lobos. With Jean Carlo and Monica its great , there is a lot of chemistry between us , which makes work very pleasant, we have a lot of fun!

 What are your future plans?
I can not make plans right now. I will be very busy for several months.

We would like to thank Mr Vander for giving this interview!


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  1. Hey, could you please also incclude any posts on Venezuelan telenovelas? Mi Ex Me Tiene Ganas recently ended on Venevision, and I hear that they already have another novela in the works, but I cannot get any information.