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Friday, January 4, 2013

Elisa Salinas wants Silvia Navarro and Barbara Mori back in TvAzteca.

Elisa Salinas, General Director of Azteca Novela spoke to Notimex about her future plans for Azteca Novelas. In her plans are to bring back actors that Tv Azteca lost when she left the company. Two of these actresses are Silvia Navarro and Barbara Mori.
Salinas commented:
"I have been in contact with Silvia Navrro, she left the company when Martn Luna was the General Director of Azteca Novela. He had told her that there were no plans or work for her, but we have talked and Silvia was fascinated by some project I presented to her".

Regarding Barbara Mori she said:
"Barbara Mori is a great friend. When I left Tv Azteca I told her the plans and changes in the company and she asked me to liberate her and I did without a problem. Barbara left in excellent terms and is willing to return and support me in a production like an actress or a producer".

Salinas also commented how difficult is for her to create a cast crew as past directors of Azteca Novelas lost iconic actors like Maria Rojo and Salvado Pineda.


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