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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Rafael Orozco, El Idolo - Synopsis, Cast and Promos

Tonight is the big premier of Canal Caracols latest super production, Rafael Orozco, El Idolo.
This production full of music, celebrations, love, happiness, beauty and tragedy will make everyone fall in love with a character that divided the history of “Vallenato” music. Don't miss out the first episode, tonight 9:30pm on Canal Caracol
Read the Official synopsis and take a look at the promo videos!

 Rafa, was what his close friends called him, was destined to be one of those unforgettable people. From a very young age he had a very special talent for “Vallenato” music (a native Colombian rhythm), but he was also charming which made him irresistible to women. But Clara Cabello was different from the rest and from the first moment he met her he was captivated by her smile, her words and her eyes. Although many men would get in his way trying to win her heart, he knew that love would make his songs immortal and gave him no doubt that she would always be by his side on his path towards success.
But the night of the 11th of June of 1992 his romantic voice was silenced forever. Nine gunshots where needed to end the life of the man that had moved the world through his unforgettable songs. Why was he killed?, Who killed him? These are the questions we still have.

Alejandro Palacio, Taliana Vargas, Maritza Rodriguez, Gabriela Avila, Mario Espitia, Martín Armenta, Maria Teresa Carrasco, Camila Zarate, Peter Cárdenas, Mauricio Cujar, Alberto Pujol, Myriam de Lourdes.



Source: Caracol
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