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Monday, January 14, 2013

Dulce Amargo premiers tonight in Mexico! + Promos

Dulce Amargo (Bittersweet) takes us into the world of five couples and their everyday struggles, one of them being Mariana and Nicolas, who are about to celebrate their seven-year anniversary. Mariana, overwhelmed with the worry that she may develop a hereditary mental illness, decides to leave her husband and son to avoid them the pain of seeing her suffer. But soon after, she will be captivated unwittingly by a new passion, and behind this romance will hide the madness of a psychopath. Mariana and Nicolas’ friends will try to help them, but first they must resolve their own conflicts, including infidelity, jealousy, ambition, and addiction.
Don't miss out the first episode tonight, 9pm on CadenaTres!

Dulce Amargo is a Venezuelan telenovela produced and transmitted by Canal Televen in alliance with Cadena Tres and distributed by Telemundo.


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